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As a postpartum doula, I offer:

  • A complimentary consultation to discuss your needs, proposed schedule, and to ensure compatibility;

  • Respect for you, your family, your home and your parenting style;

  • Support in postpartum recovery and self-care;

  • Assistance with infant care;

  • Light household tasks;

  • Grocery shopping and simple errands;

  • Simple meal preparation;

  • Child minding so you may rest;

  • Help to integrate your new baby into your home;

  • Discussion of concerns/questions and resources for more information on postpartum recovery, infant care, and parenting;

  • Postpartum mood disorder awareness;

  • Phone, text and email support; and

  • Support to connect to resources in your community, such as parent groups, health care providers, and recreational programs.


My hourly rate for postpartum doula services is $35 + GST. Visits will occur during daytime hours (8am - 8pm) only, typically in 3-4 hour shifts. I am unable to offer overnight support.

Indigenous/Aboriginal families - please inquire about the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres doula grant program, which can cover up to $1200 in doula service fees per pregnancy.

Please note that my availability for postpartum doula care is limited; if you are interested please inquire early. 



"Miranda was a LIFESAVER for me when I was discharged from the hospital with my newborn twins! Miranda was calm, collected, knowledgeable, patient and a soothing presence for my girls (and me too lol!).  She made taking care of twins look so easy. Not only did she help take care of the girls (feeding, changing diaspers, bathing, putting them down for naps, preparing formula, etc)  as I recovered from my delivery, she provided helpful tips and suggestions for both my own recovery from a c section as well as newborn care, without pushing an agenda or overstepping. She also picked up items I needed from the grocery and pharmacy, and did additional research to provide information for questions that I asked, and pointed me to the relevant resources. I found that Miranda made a point of listening to what my needs were, understanding them, and then meeting and surpassing my expectations, also helping me to build my confidence with the twins. Overall, this experience was a huge help for me starting life at home with my newly expanded family.  I highly recommend her services!"


"I found the time that Miranda spent with me and my new baby to be extremely valuable. She was extraordinarily comforting and reassuring.  Her presence and energy always kept calm when I was frazzled and overwhelmed. Her knowledge helped get me through the tough times. When I was too tired to even ask for help, she just knew what to do and would help out without even being asked. As a new mom, the value and waking up from a nap to finding bottles cleaned and cloth diapers put away is immeasurable, and very appreciated. Miranda helped me adapt with my tendonitis and answered any questions that I had. She was very knowledgeable and very reassuring. She helped me find and settle into a routine as a new mom through encouragement, knowledge, and reassurance. I struggle with postpartum depression and am a highly anxious person in general. Miranda helped instill a calmness in me through her presence and energy. Being more calm and present for my baby is the greatest gift I can think of that anyone could give, and Miranda did just that. Without hesitation I would highly recommend her as a doula."


"This is my first child and I have cared for babies before, but I didn't have experience with caring for a newborn. I am grateful for my post-partum doula, Miranda Kelly. She provided me with the support I needed to get through the overwhelming first weeks. She brings her peaceful presence to my home, and rocks my son to sleep every time. She carries him, so that I could do some much needed self-care, like take a shower and even do my hair, or take a nap! She offers to help me tidy up and make me snacks, this is especially a treat, because being a new mom, it relieved some of the extra stress. We have had many good conversations when I have questions or feel unsure about the day to day things to do with caring for and soothing my baby. I am very thankful for Miranda's support and care for myself and my little family."


"My husband and I have interviewed a few postpartum doulas as we had minimal family support for my first pregnancy and we instantly knew Miranda would fit well with us. She was ready to listen, calm and supportive from the beginning. Her demeanour immediately relieved me and lower my anxiety about birth and postpartum care.

Although I did not have c-section, I went through a surgery that required a lengthy care. My mom-in-law visited us to help, but extra help was necessary. Miranda was great as she knew how to help without conflicting with my family. When my family liked to take care of the baby, she was there to help me and house chores. When my family left, she was there to fully support me. She was very good with my son, so I could leave my son to her and nap if needed.

She also communicated well and always responded to my messages and mails quickly. Without Miranda, I would have a harder time with my son as it is my first time. I am very glad I had her to support me and I would hire her again if I decided to have another child."


I welcome all families.


(One heart, one mind)


I acknowledge my privilege as a cis-gender, heterosexual woman (she/her/hers).

I am a lifelong learner and am continuously working toward a doula practice that is inclusive and welcoming of all gender identities and expressions, and sexual orientations. I aim to humbly support all persons and families, with an open heart and open mind.

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