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It has been my honour and privilege to serve families through their sacred journey of pregnancy and parenthood.

I am no longer taking doula clients. If you are seeking an Indigenous doula please visit: 

Labour & Birth

Most labour and birth doulas will provide:

  • A complimentary consultation to get acquainted, address any questions you have, and to ensure 

  • Respect for you, your family, and your birth preferences;
  • At least two prenatal visits to discuss your pregnancy, birth preferences, questions, and concerns to help you prepare for labour;
  • Phone, text and email support;
  • On-call support 24/7 from two weeks prior to the estimated due date until the birth;
  • Continuous support during labour and birth, including physical comfort measures, encouragement and support to make informed birth choices; and
  • Support to connect with additional resources in your community, such as parent groups, health care providers, and recreational programs.


You can do this. Your helpers can encourage you at each step along the way. Find affirmations that work for you. See some examples.

Birth Ball

A birth ball can be a great comfort in late pregnancy and during labour. Many local hospitals have balls available upon request.


Stay home as long as you can, or bring the comforts of home to the hospital with you. Set the mood with lighting, music and helpers that support you.


Changing positions frequently throughout labour can help labour progress and make you more comfortable. Follow your body's lead to find positions that work for you.

Comforting touch

Ask your support person to provide light touch and massage during labour. Counter pressure to your hips and lower back may relieve pain.


Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) during labour can relieve pain. You can borrow or rent a TENS unit (or ask your doula).


Practice breathing techniques before labour begins. In labour, breathe along with your support person for slow, rhythmic breaths.


In early labour, find distractions to occupy your mind and pass the time.

Drink & Eat

Stay hydrated and nourished during labour with food and beverages, as desired.

Labour Comfort Measures

Continuous labour support from a doula is proven to improve labour and birth experiences (see a summary of the evidence here). Here are some of the comfort measures you can try during your labour:

Birth Doula Fee

My standard flat fee for birth doula services is $1500 + GST.

I also offer a discount package for combined birth and postpartum doula services. Standard birth doula services ($1500 value) + 20 hours postpartum doula services ($600 value) for $2000 + GST.

Indigenous/Aboriginal families - please inquire about the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres doula grant program. I am on the pre-approved doula list and offer special pricing for Indigenous families.

I welcome all families.


(One heart, one mind)


I acknowledge my privilege as a cis-gender, heterosexual woman (she/her/hers).

I am a lifelong learner and am continuously working toward a doula practice that is inclusive and welcoming of all gender identities and expressions, and sexual orientations. I aim to humbly support all persons and families, with an open heart and open mind.


"The first word that comes to mind when I think of Miranda is Aunty. Miranda is caring, compassionate, understanding, thoughtful and knowledgeable. During the sacred time of pregnancy and delivery it can be stressful and having family around and support I feel is super important. That's how I felt Miranda fit in my world, just like family. She always had words of encouragement when I felt unsure and resources when I needed support postpartum. For my delivery I had a waterbirth at the hospital although I had a few supports, being a single mom she understood the challenges, emotional toll and impact it had on me not having a partner there. During delivery she was right by my side, the entire time. It was so comforting and needed. This being my first child I didn't know what to expect when it came to delivery. Being in the "zone" as I call it, I couldn't always express it. I'm beyond grateful to have had her there during such an empowering and yet vulnerable time."

- BIRTH CLIENT, 07/07/2019

"Having Miranda as my doula was an amazing experience. It was my last pregnancy but my first time having a doula. I wish I had used one before. She was very comforting. I felt like I could ask her anything. During labour she kept me focused and relaxed. I absolutely love Miranda. I highly recommend her.

- BIRTH CLIENT, 07/02/2019

"I am so grateful to have had Miranda's support as my doula for my first pregnancy. We initially planned to have a homebirth which she was very knowledgeable of and helped us prepare both ourselves and our home. I really valued being able to have contact with her in the weeks prior to the birth as I went 10 days overdue and found myself to be getting overwhelmed by both physical and emotional feelings towards the end of my pregnancy. Miranda always responded quickly to my questions and provided reassurance and empathy when I needed it most. During my labour she helped integrate different pain coping techniques to address my back labour. She made me feel supported and empowered in my decision to transfer to the hospital for an epidural, and stayed with my partner and I for the duration of my lengthy labour. Reflecting back on my labour, I feel that there are many instances which I am surprised that I didn't feel fearful. I believe that this is largely in part to having her warm, guiding presence by my side. Miranda was so responsive, warm, and my partner and I found her family centered approach to be just what we needed to feel confident and empowered throughout labour and the birth of our baby boy."

- BIRTH CLIENT, 03/22/2019

"When we first heard about doulas we didn't understand why people would need one. After this experience, we can't imagine what the labor would have been like without one. Miranda was very informative and supportive on top of this we felt comforted by her presence. I felt very supported throughout this experience and I cannot thank her enough. Thanks again Miranda! If we ever have a second and Miranda is still offering her services we will definitely do it again no questions asked."

- BIRTH CLIENT, 12/22/2018

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