• Miranda Kelly

Why Doula Canada?

There's lots of options out there for doula training these days! Having not completed any of the other training courses out there, I'm not going to attempt to compare. Instead, I'd simply like to present some reasons why I am happy I chose Doula Canada*:

1. Dual Stream Certification

Confession time! When I first started considering options, I was interested only in postpartum doula training. I was only a few months postpartum myself, and felt like birth doula work just wasn't feasible for me at the time. However, the more I researched my options, the more I was drawn to Doula Canada's Dual Stream Birth & Postpartum Doula Certification. I liked the prospect of gaining training and knowledge in the full spectrum of doula support from prenatal to postpartum. Even if I didn't intend to work as a birth doula yet, I was so enthusiastic to learn more about pregnancy and birth, and I felt like the labour doula training would complement my work as a postpartum doula. And bonus, it costs less and saves time to complete the birth and postpartum doula certification together rather than separately.

2. Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast Canadian

I like that Doula Canada is Canadian, and not exclusive to urban, southern, central Canadians. The online training platform makes doula training more accessible to communities that otherwise couldn't access doula training. I believe in the importance of making education and training accessible to rural, remote, and Northern communities; after all, you shouldn't have to live in a big urban centre to have access to doula support!

3. Scholarships

Doula Canada generously offers scholarships, which makes doula training more accessible to people who might not otherwise be able to afford it. I think this goes a long way to reduce barriers and promote more diversity among professional doulas. I feel honoured to be a recipient of a Doula Canada scholarship for the childbirth educator program, which is the next step in my journey!

4. Mentorship and a Supportive Community

I've been totally blown away by the level of support and mentorship offered by Doula Canada. The Doula Canada team is there every step of the way to answer your questions and offer reassurance, and with amazingly fast turnaround too! I also love the online community of other students and graduates - this level of camaraderie and professional collaboration is rare in any group, online or otherwise. This group is a collective goldmine of knowledge and there's always someone willing to answer your question or offer some words of encouragement.

5. Structure

Doula Canada launched their online learning platform a few months after I started the dual stream certification program. And I love it! The modules are structured such that it is easy to break each one down into manageable steps. I can sit down for a few minutes or a few hours at a time, and keep making progress through the program. Each time I achieve another little green check mark for a task completed, I feel a boost of energy and motivation to keep pursuing this goal. The expectations for certification are laid out clearly, but there's also plenty of room to be creative and personalize the experience to fit you. The sequencing of the projects, assignments and quizzes has helped me to stay on track of my work in a timely manner, and as a result I've been completing the certification requirements much faster than I had expected to!

Progress to-date as of October 29, 2018

6. Relevant and Practical

I'm not going to lie - when I first saw the list of assignments and projects to complete this certification, I felt discouraged and didn't think I'd complete them all. There were a few projects and assignments that I dreaded and procrastinated. But as I drudged through these difficult assignments, I came to appreciated how relevant and practical they are. These are not assignments for the sake of doing assignments; they are thoughtfully designed to help you grow your knowledge base as a doula and develop practical tools, materials, and resources that will serve you in your work. The truth is that I dreaded these assignments not because they were unreasonable (they weren't!), but because I had to push myself out of my comfort zone.

And for that I am extremely grateful, because undergoing this certification process has helped me to build my knowledge and confidence with each step. I feel like I've grown as a doula, but also as a mother, wife, and member of my community. I've confronted some of my fears, embraced vulnerability, and surprised myself! And while I'm not certified yet, I feel like I've already gained so much through the experience. I have some exciting milestones ahead and I'm energized and focused on the last few steps to complete certification. Wherever this work takes me, I am thankful that Doula Canada has been a part of my journey.

*Please note this blog is not a requirement of certification. I'm writing this autonomously as a proud student of Doula Canada.

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