• Miranda Kelly

Coming in 2019!

2018 was an incredible year as I started on my doula journey. I am grateful to the families that welcomed me into their lives and homes as their doula. I am proud to have served two families as a birth doula and four families as a postpartum doula. I have learned so much from each family I served, and was blessed to meet some adorable babies!

I am excited to share some of what's coming up for me in 2019:

1. Doula Certification

I'm just a couple steps away from completing all the requirements for certification as a birth and postpartum doula! I'll be writing the final exam in January, so stay tuned!

2. Pre-approval for the BCAAFC Aboriginal Families Doula Grant

I'm currently on the pre-approved list as a postpartum doula to serve Aboriginal families through the BCAAFC doula grant program. Once my doula certification is completed, I will be able to enrol as a pre-approved birth doula as well. I look forward to offering my doula services to more Indigenous families through this program in 2019.

3. Childbirth Educator

In 2018, I was blessed to received a scholarship from Doula Canada to complete certification as a Childbirth Educator. Once I've completed my doula certification, I will be focusing more time and energy into this training program. I can't wait to share more about this as I work through the program.

Thank you for your support through 2018. I look forward to serving more families in my community in 2019.

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